Head LiceHead Lice

Head lice have plagued humans for centuries. That they are still with us today is testimony to the fact they seem impossible to eradicate. Desperate parents cringe with despair when faced with yet another infestation. “U‑GO” Products NZ would like to express a genuine interest in helping families to understand how to take decisive action to get relief from these dreaded parasites.


Skin/PersonalSkin &
Personal Care

Our bodies are bombarded daily by the environment we live in. As a result our skin and personal areas of life are affected. “U‑GO” Products NZ provides an extensive range of natural applications to nourish, protect and assist in healing for many individuals.


Pet CarePet Care

Pets make many households complete. Like humans, pets face similar day to day needs. Look after your pets as you would yourself with our natural range of pet products.

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Insects/Pest ControlInsects/
Pest Control

There are alternatives to drenching ourselves and our homes with harsh chemicals. Nature provides some remarkably effective ingredients to help keep you home and family free of pests.


Sun CareSun Care

The sun today is without doubt more harmful to human skin than at any other time in human history. We MUST take steps to protect our families from these harmful rays. One of these steps should be to make sure our choice of SUN PROTECTION is informed. Did you know that zinc and titanium are internationally accepted as the best natural SUN BLOCK for UVA and UVB rays?


Natural Household ProductsNatural Household Products

People are becoming more and more aware that nature provides excellent ingredients to assist with the day to day cares of keeping a house hygienically clean. “U‑GO” Products NZ provides a range to help take care of these needs.

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Essential Oils and Carrier OilsEssential Oils and Carrier Oils

Our lives are made richer with the help of these wonderful oils. Their applications are many and varied, from healing to pleasure. Their many benefits have been confirmed by modern scientific research.


Raw Materials and Organic MaterialsRaw Materials and Organic Materials

As nature intended. In their purest form. Ingredients in this category enable individuals to create their own formulations from scratch.


Preservatives and AntioxidantsPreservatives and Antioxidants

Carefully selected, gentle yet effective, internationally accepted natural agents to protect formulations against bacteria, yeast, mould and rancidity.

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